Our College Signed Depth Cooperation Package Agreements with Shenyang Neusoft Medical System Co., Ltd.

2017-07-13|By English|Copyedited 系统管理员

On the morning of July 10, the signing ceremony was held at the headquarters of the Zhongmei Group (Beijing) in cooperation with Shenyang Neusoft Medical System Co., Ltd. Held by Zhang Dong, Office director of Production and Education Integration,  this ceremony was participated by Neusoft Vice President Kang Yan, High-End Customer General Manager Li Peng, High-End Customer Manager (Henan District) Sun Qingmei, high-end customers manager (Beijing District) Wu Jingdong, Zhongmei Group President Chen Guangfei and our dean Yang Jie and provost Du Huazhen.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Yang Jie extended a warm welcome to Neusoft. He pointed out that the signing would be an important step in the history of Sanquan College. Image is an important discipline in higher medical education and a hot spot in health industry. The rapid development of modern science and technology such as the “Internet+”, big data, Artificial Intelligence and its popularization in health care industry require tremendous high-quality medical compound talents who master modern medical engineering theory and technology and meanwhile have knowledge of management and market service. Through the cooperation with Neusoft in the integration of production and education, Sanquan College will train a large number of high-quality applied and compound talents, contributing to the program Made in China 2025 and Health China 2030. Yang Jie indicated that the next step of Sanquan College was to increase cooperation, speed up the construction of hardware facilities, and carry out services of modern medical imaging equipment technology, including research, product promotion, industry training and assessment; through cooperation, Sanquan College would create regional medical imaging cloud base, and conduct the research and promotion of large medical data collection and use.

Subsequently, Dr. Kang Yan gave his speech. He said that Sanquan College held a new concept, an accurate personnel training objective and a strong sense of the market, which were all in line with industry needs. Neusoft Medical System Co., Ltd. hoped that through the deep cooperation, both sides could further explore the new model and mechanism in training talent of imaging medical technology, and substantially increase the training quality, achieving win-win situation between Sanquan and Neusoft.

Next, Yang Jie and Kang Yan signed the “school-enterprise depth cooperation agreement”, “imaging cloud cooperation construction agreement” and other package cooperation agreements. Then, on behalf of Neusoft, Li Peng contributed the first donations, such as automatic biochemical analyzer, high pressure syringe, valued at 1,364,626 yuan, to Sanquan College in supporting our teaching and research work, and he said with the deepening of cooperation, the donation would continue. As the representative of Sanquan College, Du Huazhen received donations and gave gifts in return, hoping the two sides would further strengthen cooperation in the image and medical equipment and other fields.

Finally, Chen Guangfei, on behalf of the Zhongmei Group, congratulated the cooperation between the two sides, and expressed appreciation to Neusoft’s strategy and its concern and support to the cause of higher education. He pointed out that Sanquan College must conscientiously implement the content of cooperation, and actively explore the combination of social resources to promote the development of the college. Around the established goals, he added, Sanquan College should serve regional economic and social development and achieve symbiotic win-win situation in the process of deepening cooperation, striving to become the industry paradigm during this cooperation.

At present, through the integration of production and education, China is vigorously promoting the transformation of local colleges and universities. Sanquan College is consciously acting to support this proposal, and actively gathering resources by cooperating with Neusoft and exploring innovative ways of cooperation. Neusoft will provide support for Sanquan College in building medical engineering training center, local cloud image center and local technical service center, and help to carry out the discipline construction of imaging and medical equipment, as well as teacher building, personnel training and research applications.

The Introduction of Shenyang Neusoft Medical System Co., Ltd.:

Neusoft Group is a global company providing IT solutions and services. Founded in 1991, Neusoft Group currently has nearly 20,000 employees. In China, it has established eight regional headquarters, 10 software research and development bases, 16 software development and technology Support centers, and has established marketing and service network in more than 60 cities. It also has subsidiaries in the United States, Japan, Europe, the Middle East, and South America. Neusoft is China's first listed software company, and the first Chinese software company who has gained the CMM5 and CMMI (V1.2) 5 level certificate. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Neusoft Group Co., Ltd., Neusoft Medical System Co., Ltd. is the support unit of the research center of national digital medical imaging equipment engineering technology. The company has a series of products, such as CT, magnetic resonance, digital X-ray machine, Color Doppler ultrasound, automatic biochemical analyzer, radiation therapy equipment, nuclear medicine imaging equipment. Apart from Hong Kong and Macao, those products have been sold to 32 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in Chinese inland. Meanwhile, its subsidiaries in the United States and the Middle East has sold their products to the United States, Italy, Russia and nearly 60 countries and regions in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. In the field of medical IT solutions, the company provides software products such as PACS / HIS / LIS / EMR / RIS, telemedicine consultation system, computer aided detection CAD, community health service information system, regional medical cooperation platform, and community medical health network service platform. In the field of health services, the company provides the product Xi Kang, a wholly new professional family health dynamic monitoring and management service, dedicated to sending professional health services into families.