Two Majors of Our College Honored as “Branded Majors of Private Colleges of Henan Province in 2017”

2017-05-05|By English|Copyedited 系统管理员

Another two majors of our college, Clinical Medicine and Optometry, have been recognized as “Branded Majors of Private Colleges of Henan Province in 2017, an honor conferred by Department of Education of Henan Province. Therefore, our college is awarded a grant up to 2 million yuan to develop the two majors, a big breakthrough in the development of our school majors. Together with the former “Branded Major Nursing, there are now three conferred to our college.

Just as our country has made her 13th five-year plan of national development, we have made our own five-year plan of development. From the year 2016 to 2020, constant efforts have been and will continue to be made in developing and optimizing the school majors. To help strengthen them, we have well coordinated five clusters of majors, namely, Medical Equipment, Biopharming, Health and Old-age Care, Maternal and Child Health Care, Eye care. As a result, major progress has been achieved. For example, there are four majors of our school that are assessed as “Comprehensive Reform Experimental Major, another great honor conferred by provincial Department of Education, and three “Branded Majors as mentioned above. The newly conferred two “Branded Majors, a recognition of our majors development by the provincial Department of Education, will further optimize the school majors and enhance the competiveness of our graduates.

We will adhere strictly to the requirements of the Department to make the best use of the money appropriated, develop the branded majors step by step, and strive to establish those majors as leading ones both at provincial and national level.