Rehabilitation Therapy Selected into Program of 2016 Henan Comprehensive Reform of Experimental Majors

2017-01-06|By English|Copyedited 系统管理员

 According to the Notice from Education Department of Henan Province on Strengthening 2016 Comprehensive Reform of Experimental  Majors of Regular Institutions of Higher Educationdocument No.:Higher Education Committee of Ministry of Education 3902016〕), the mjor of Rehabilitation Therapy of our college was selected into 2016 Henan Comprehensive Reform Experimental Program of Regular Institutions of Higher Education  after application, qualification evaluation, and expert audit, marking a further progression of college major connation construction.

Our Rehabilitation Therapy being selected into the program of 2016 Henan Comprehensive Reform of Experimental Majors of Regular Institutions of Higher Education is of great significance for improving the competitiveness of the talents cultivation of rehabilitation therapy, and directs the characteristic development of other majors, optimizes professional structure of our college discipline. Thereafter, the college will strictly follow the requirements of Higher Education Committee of Ministry of Education 3902016concerning construction of the program of Henan Comprehensive Reform of Experimental Majors of Regular Institutions of Higher Education, strengthening the construction of comprehensive reform experimental major concerning undergraduate degree of Rehabilitation Therapy based on the construction of teaching team, establishment of curriculum and teaching resources, reform of teaching methods and styles, reinforcement of practical teaching process, reform of teaching management to highlight characteristics and create professional brand of our college. 

The major of  Rehabilitation Therapy opened in 2013, mainly enrolling undergraduate (including upgrading students) students. There are more than 500 registered students at present. This profession is consisted of combined full-part time, scientific double professionally titled teaching teams concerning, age, title, academic qualifications, the resources of which mainly relies on State-level key specialist of First Affiliated Hospital of Xinxiang Medical University-Department of Rehabilitation Therapy, Guo Xuejun being the academic leader, including more than 20 full-part time teachers, who are not only of great theoretical teaching ability, but also of profound clinical practice experience, ensuring the teaching quality.

The first-class health care and rehabilitation therapy training center in the province has been built, the laboratory with a total investment of more than 8 million Yuan and total laboratory area of 2,000 square meters. The category of laboratory type is complete, including sports therapy laboratory, operation therapy laboratory, Speech and swallowing laboratory, rehabilitation engineering laboratory, rehabilitation physiotherapy laboratory and traditional Chinese rehabilitation laboratory, daily living environment transformation experiencing room, intelligent home experiencing room.

After three years of efforts, the profession has achieved a lot in the professional construction, personnel training, and laboratory construction. In 2015, the strategic cooperation agreement was signed with the largest domestic medical rehabilitation equipment suppliers Xiangyu Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. the Xiangyu order form class was established and Xiangyu Rehabilitation College is being prepared. In 2016 the profession was awarded 1 million Yuan by Henan campus cooperation awarding construction program, and was selected into the program of 2016 Henan Comprehensive Reform of  Experimental Majors of Regular Institutions of Higher Education.