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1. Good health and able to take care of himself.

2. Must be older than 18 years old but younger than 55 years old.

3. Abide by Chinese laws, school rules and disciplines.

4. For bachelors degree, you must have already high school diploma.





1. Fill out Sanquan Medical College Application Form for International Students.doc(see the attachment)

2. Send email to the Foreign Affair Department of SQMC with attached documents including Application Form for Foreign Students, final education certificate, passport, academic transcript, and 2-inch digital color photo.

3. The university will issue Admission Letter and Application Form for Foreign Students (Form JW202 in abbreviation) to the applicants depending on their application materials.

4. With above mentioned two documents and Foreigner Physical Examination Form, the applicants can apply X visa at Chinese Consulate.

5. The applicants should register in SQMC according to the time stipulated in Admission Letter.





1. Application Form for Foreign Students

2. Final Education Certificate

3. Passport Copy

4. Academic Transcript or Certificate of Study

5. 2-inch digital color photo




Student visa and residence permit are important documents for international students to stay in China legally and finish their education. However, visa and residence permit procedures are complicated, so you should read carefully the following content, and you can ask your teacher for help so that you will have no problem in getting them.


1. Visa to China


Students must bring their passport with X visa or F visa (for studying less than half year) to enter China.


1) With X visa, you must go to the local police station to apply residence permit within 30 days of your entrance, otherwise you will be illegal resident and will be punished by the police station.


2) With F visa, you do not need to apply residence permit, but take care not to exceed the valid date of your visa.


2. Visa and Residence Permit Extension


You must always pay attention to the valid date of visa and residence permit, and it is your own responsibility if your visa or residence permit is overdue. If you need to continue your study, the application must be submitted to the international office 30 days before the valid date of your residence permit. (Please take note, the extension procedures will be started after receipt of your tuition fees, and moreover, the vacation period must be considered.)


All overseas students must apply for residence permit, within 30 days after your entrance into China.


All overseas students must go to International Travel Health Care Center in Henan Province for health check. It is requested procedure for getting residence permit. The health check fees and traffic are borne by the students.


3. Valid Date of Residence Permit


The valid date of residence permit is in conformity with your study period registered, and cannot exceed the passport valid date.


4. Residence Permit of Transfer Students


Students transferred from other Chinese universities shall show their passport, residence permit, and official transfer letter of the former university. Transfer students from outside Henan Province, must apply amendment for your residence permit in your former local police station.


5. Leaving School


When students finish their study and leave China, they must leave within the valid date of their visa or residence permit.





AttachmentSanquan Medical College Application Form for International Students.doc