Adhering to the glorious tradition to have pleasant virtue, be erudite, beloved of others, attain practical use of what have been taught, Department of Basic Medical Science conscientiously implement the policies both of the CPC and the institute. It has further improved the management system of education and teaching under the leadership of the institute. Thus help students to have a correct outlook of the world, of life and of value. Our institute have been trying to cultivate the students to be qualified medical professionals.

At present, the department is responsible for the administrative affairs, the management of students and the teaching affairs of freshman and sophomore students. The depart consists of teaching and research offices on mathematics and computer, pathology and histology and embryology, chemistry, anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology, biology of pathogen and immunology, biochemistry and molecular biology. There are also laboratories for functional science, analysis and test, morphology, anatomy and a computer teaching center.

The construction of the Department of Basic Medical Science has begun to take shape under the support of the institute. At present, there are 122 existing staff in the department, 94 of which have master or doctor degree. There are 18 professors and 22 associate professors. The staff majored on medical science, biology, chemistry, politics, computer, psychology, and education etc.. There are 2516 students in the department and they are all major on clinical medicine. The students are diveded into 80 classes, one second of which are grade 2011 students and the others are grade 2012 students.

Adhering to the philosophy of the institute on education, that is, through  infiltration and interactive communication, the department have made full implementation of the comprehensive quality evaluation of students and paid close attention to the daily management of the students. The department also paid special attention to the construction of a better learning atmosphere and to the mental health education activities. There is a complete aiding system focused on all the students, and there are also many kinds of second-classroom activities such as the  Chunhua Qiushi - Cup Debate , the  College Students' Occupation Planning Competition and the  College Speech Contest . There is a lecture forum for the students and the famous experts Wang Liqun, Wang Lidong, and Zhou Wenshun have been invited here to give lectures.

In the face of the development of the society, the economy, science and technology and the medical services, the department has been trying to improve the quality of education and cultivate the students to be well developed medical professionals. Taking the responsibilities of teaching, research, offering medical services and serving the community, the department will make contribution to  the development of our institute.

Under the leadership of our institute, the department has developed from the very beginning to a well organized group. Up to now, there are 13 teaching and research office in the department respectively on biochemistry and molecular biology, chemistry, histology and embryology, microbiology and immunology, pathology, mathematics and computer science, physiology and pathophysiology, anatomy, functional science, analysis and test, and morphology. There is a section for science education, and a team of trained counselors. The department is playing an important role in clinical teaching.

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