School of  Medical laboratory and Imaging covers two educational levels, undergraduates (including those upgrading from junior colleges) and junior college education. It has two undergraduate majors and two majors in junior college level respectively--medical laboratory technology and medical imaging technology.

There are two administrative offices of School Affairs and Student Affairs Management and three teaching and research sections of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics, Clinical Microbiology and Immunology Inspection, and Clinical Biochemistry and Instrumentation. Relying on the teaching and research experiences of Xinxiang Medical University, a teaching team with excellent professional skills and good knowledge structure has set up. A total of 80 teachers undertake the teaching of specialized courses.

Of the existing 1723 students, 562 belongs to the major of medical laboratory, 783 to the major of medical imaging, 176 to the major of medical imaging technology, and another 202 to the major of medical laboratory technology.

Students with fine records for the average score account for 85%, and meanwhile 150 graduates this year won scholarships at national, provincial and college level. Experience exchange meetings on learning and postgraduate entrance examination in a variety of forms are often organized both to help students in lower grades and to facilitate the communication of students in different grades. Various competitions witnessed outstanding achievements of our students, for instance, Reference Gene Selection in Analysis of mRNA in the Aged Rat by Zhao Chaojian and his team won the third prize of the Nature Science Works of Henan Province, Pregnancy Health Monitoring Test Paper by Song Dongsheng, Liu Mengdan and others obtained the second prize of Science and Technology Making, and Three-dimensional Image of Sanquan Medical University by Song Dongsheng were nominated in Henan qualifying finalists.

 Our schools attention does not only go to the theoretical learning of students, but also to their practical innovation and social adaptability, thus communicating to fruitful accomplishments of excellent students through a variety of learning, recreational and sports activities and competitions on - and off - campus. Our Students won the first place of the student group in total score in the 6th sports meeting of Sanquan Medical College, and had the honor to get the second prize in the college students choral competition organized by the Youth League Committee. In the second half of 2013, a number of academic forums were held, among which Shi Mingguo, the chairman of Imaging Society of Chinese Medical Association and famous teachers from Wuhan University were invited to give lectures. In addition, we were actively participated in the recreational and sports activities. In the volleyball and tennis competitions, we were actively prepared and achieved excellent records. All of these showed the strength of School of  Medical laboratory and Imaging.

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