School of Medical Technology was established in February 2014, its predecessor was School of Medical Science and Technology. School of Medical Technology now holds the following four departments: Department of Rehabilitation Therapy, Department of Optometry, Department of Stomatology technology and Department of Medical Cosmetology. Among them, Department of Rehabilitation Therapy, Department of Optometry and Department of Stomatology have developed into 4-year undergraduate courses. The above three undergraduate majors will recruit upgraded students in 2015.

1.Department of Rehabilitation Therapy (BSc)

Presently there are 13 full-time and part-time teachers. Part-time teachers not only have rich clinical experience, but also have high professional quality and teaching ability.

Over 600,000 yuan was invested in the first-phase construction of rehabilitation therapy laboratory, with a total area of 225 square meters, which included physical factors laboratory, exercise therapy laboratory and occupational therapy laboratory. Speech swallowing laboratory, rehabilitation engineering laboratory and rehabilitation assessment laboratory will continue to  be built in 2015. These will fully meet the needs of students' experimental practice then. The key point of laboratory construction is mainly on training physical therapists and occupational therapists for auxiliary. Rehabilitation therapy has enrolled four-year rehabilitation undergraduates since 2013. Now there are more than 130 students.

2. Department of Optometry (BSc)

Founded in 2010, it is the earliest training base for optometry  professionals in Henan province. The purpose of running school is to cultivate advanced application technology talents with solid optometry theoretical foundation and high practical ability. Based on the optometry technology students recruited in junior college level, optometry undergraduate students began to be recruited in 2013. Because students can be proficient in optometry, glasses, vision correction and other aspects of professional and technical work after graduation, the employers obtain them unanimous approval. Graduates maintain high employment rate and good social repercussions.

Optometry laboratory has optometry center, glasses center and comprehensive laboratory. The teaching equipment is complete and advanced, which can fully meet the needs of the junior college students' normal teaching theory and practice. Department of Optometry currently has more than 200 students.

3. Department of Stomatology (BSc)

Founded in 2009, it recruited the stomatology students of junior college level in 2010 and officially began to recruit the stomatology undergraduates in 2014. Its purpose is to cultivate advanced application technology talents who have the basic theory with solid professional knowledge and strong practical ability of oral repair technology, master the design and production process of various types of dental restorations which are commonly used, engage in various types of  production and processing of denture, quality control and enterprise business operations in denture processing enterprises.

On the basis of rational allocation and use of existing resources, we actively raise funds, expand laboratory construction scale and practice bases. Since the stomatology laboratory was built in 2010, the comprehensive laboratory of dental technicians, porcelain laboratory, casting sandblasting laboratory, model dressing laboratory and dental implant laboratory have been expanded at present. By then, the overall laboratory environment and conditions will reach the leading level in Henan province. Now the department of stomatology has more than 1 million yuan worth of total equipment, over 100 large and medium-sized instruments (pieces), which lay a good foundation for the next step of development.

4. Department of Medical Cosmetology

It was founded in 2010. Sanquan Medical College is one of the universities in Henan that firstly establish medical cosmetology. Its purpose is to cultivate high-end talents who have the medical background, grasp the basic theory of medical cosmetology professional essential and basic skills, with strong comprehensive occupation quality and skills, whose work is oriented toward health cosmetic industry and related fields.

Each specialty and discipline in School of Medical Cosmetology is the important direction of our schools strategic transformation of Application-oriented College, which has established its priority status. With the expansion of the enrollment scale and the gradual promotion of social influence, the number of students is increasing year by year. Since the departments pay more attention to the cultivation of students' practical ability, the graduates' employment channels are broad. Due to the solid and comprehensive basic knowledge and strong professional skills of  graduates , they have been widely welcomed and praised by the employers.

As the school leaderships attach great importance and concern of medical technical colleges construction and development, the increase of qualified teachers, the improvement of experimental teaching conditions, the depth of school enterprise cooperation and other aspects will be given priority and strongly support. We expect that School of Medical Cosmetology will achieve more significant development and progress in recent years. The School of Medical Cosmetology will find a new breakthrough and appropriate point, seize the opportunity, renew the idea, keep feet firmly on the ground and never stop. In the course of development, we should constantly innovate, improve and strive to create distinctive features and high standards, then soon become one of the top colleges at home and abroad.

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