1. An Introduction to the Schools Establishment Background and Development

The School of Pharmacy of Sanquan Medical College was developed on the basis of a comprehensive major branch established in 2004. The school began to set up Pharmaceutic Preparation major in 2008, Pharmacy major offering junior college education in 2012, and Pharmacy major offering upgraded education for students upgrading from junior college to university in 2016.

Now there are four teaching and research sections in our school: Pharmacology Section, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Analysis Section, Pharmaceutics Section, Traditional Chinese Pharmacology and Natural Pharmaceutical Chemistry Section, and one Pharmaceutical Comprehensive Laboratory. Our school currently has 23 faculty members and more than 600 students.

2. Cultivation Objectives and Professional Skills Training Requirements

The School of Pharmacy is committed to cultivating advanced specialized talents in science and technology, who are equipped with basic theories, knowledge and experimental skills of pharmaceutical disciplines and can engage in identifying, designing, generally preparing drugs and clinically using rational drugs in the fields of drugs production, inspection, circulation, use, research and development. In the aspect of professional skills training, students are required to mainly acquire the basic theories and knowledge in the main branches of pharmaceutical disciplines, master the pharmaceutical experimental methods and basic skills, and have the basic abilities to prepare drugs, assess quality control and guide rational drug use.

3. Major Disciplines and Main Courses

Major Disciplines: Pharmacy, Chemistry, and Biology.

Main Courses: Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Natural Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Analysis, and The Science of Pharmacy Administration. The length of schooling is four years.

4. The Current Situation of the Schools Construction

a. Faculty Members

The School of Pharmacy currently has 23 faculty members, among whom five teachers are with senior titles and 22 teachers own a Masters degree or above. The distribution of teachers ages, titles, educational background and structure is basically reasonable. Teachers graduated from well-known universities, such as Central South University, Capital Medical University, Lanzhou University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and Zhengzhou University, and the structure of teaching staff is constantly optimized. Our school has state-level outstanding teachers, experts enjoying the special allowance from the State Council, Executive Director of Henan Chemical Society and Director of Organic Chemistry Professional Committee, winners of honorary titles, such as National Excellent Teachers, Outstanding Experts of Henan Province, Advanced Individuals in Teachers Professional Ethics of Henan Province, Advanced Individuals in Higher Education of Henan Province, and Model Workers of Xinxiang City, Pharmaceutical Education Research Council Members of Medical Education Professional Committee of China Higher Education Association, National Food and Drug Administration experts inspecting health care products, Executive Directors of Pharmaceutical Society of Henan Province, Vice Chairman of Pharmacological Society of Henan Province, Vice Chairman of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Professional Committee, and Deputy Director of Technical Committee of Nutrition and Health Care Association of Henan Province.

b. Basic Conditions of Teaching and Scientific Research

The total area of our schools laboratory building is 800 square meters, including six laboratories and two instrument rooms, with advanced equipment worth more than six million Yuan, such as high performance liquid chromatograph, infrared spectrometer, gas chromatograph, thin-layer scanner and fluorescence spectrophotometer.

c. Achievements

Recent years, our schools teachers have published a number of research papers, with more than 30 papers included in SCI or EI, have edited seven textbooks planned by The Ministry of Education and The Ministry of Health, and have co-edited twenty works and textbooks. Scientific research has also been actively carried out. Our teachers have undertaken many research programs, seven teaching and research programs included, have published more than ten teaching and research papers, and have won a number of excellent scientific research achievements in the universities of Henan province.

The School of Pharmacy not only focuses on its own construction, but also continues to strengthen foreign cooperation and exchanges.  Currently, the school has achieved an initial collaboration with many pharmaceutical companies, such as Furen Pharmaceutical Companies of Henan Province, Xinxiang Tuoxin Group, Haihua Logistics Corporation, and Henan Aolite Pharmaceutical Limited Corporation.  A deeper cooperation will be carried out later in many aspects, such as resource sharing and drugs research and development.

According to the development plan of Sanquan Medical College, based on the High-level, Large-scale and Extraordinary scientific development ideas, all the teachers and students in our school will work hard together and strive to make contributions to the sustained, rapid and coordinated development of our college with high spirits and great enthusiasm. 

school website:  School of Pharmacy