The School of Life Science and Technology is the first series in colleges which held biology related majors, its also the unique biology related school which was held in independent college of Henan Province. The college sets 3 undergraduate majors: biotechnology, bio-engineering and bio-pharmaceutical, each major is planed to enroll 45 students every year. Each major holds the construction idea for biomedical application, this idea forms professional construction featuresadvocating of the mutual penetration and production of biological learning and research with medical science and health care.

The college experimental building possesses 3200 square meters; and it has 10 laboratories for students, 2 fermentation engineering and biopharmaceutical training bases, a college students innovation base, and a stem cell research center. The college also has more than 1,000 equipments for teaching and scientific research, which cost more than 2,500 million Yuan. Among these equipments, there are more than 52 pieces of large size equipment, each of which costs more than 50000 Yuan. It has specific platform for the development of molecular biology technology, biopharmaceutical technology, fermentation production, protein purification technology, stem cell treatment technology and biomedical information image processing, which provides strong guarantee for teaching, research and social service.

School of Life Science and Technology has over 35 full time teachers, including 7 professors, 1 researcher, 1 professor, 10 associate professors, 16 lecturers and laborersamong these teachers there are 4 doctor tutors, 19 master tutors; 6 of the full time teachers has doctors degree, 27 of them has masters degree. In recent years, the college teachers undertook more than 20 provincial and ministerial level scientific research projects, and published more than 200 academic essays on SCI source journals and domestic core journals, published 16 monographs and teaching materials. A number of research results gained the provincial identification, and more than 20 provincial awards was received. Three specific research directions were formed, including stem cell therapy, drug extraction and extraction of new substances.

The college attaches great importance to foreign academic exchanges and technical cooperation, successively established research cooperation with the British Imperial University of Technology, Saskatchewen University of Canada, German Jena University, Frankfurt College, Germany and Zhejiang University, Sun Yat-sen University, Zhengzhou University, Yunnan University and other first-class universities. A group of well-known scholars at home and abroad were hired as visiting professors and part-time professors. At the same time the college established cooperative relationship in production and research with 16 large bio-related enterprises, including Schering-Pui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. of US, Guangzhou Kaipu Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Xinxiang Zuo JinMing Pharmaceutical Group, Xinxiang Bokai Biotechnology Co., Ltd., and Xinxiang Hui Long Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and there are seven CEOs of different companies were appointed part-time professors of the college. The cooperation with different enterprises provides students a stable and reliable base to finish their internship, and also provide a better condition for scientific research and innovation for the training of teachers, give teachers a strong guarantee to develop both research and teaching abilities.

Our graduates have proved to be highly qualified and skilled, for we provide them at school with excellent teachers, sound environment for majors development, first-class labs, commitment to research, and renowned practice bases. Over the years, 35 percent of the graduates have been admitted into postgraduate schools each year and 95 percent of the rest have landed a job the year they graduated, ranking the top among the colleges in Henan province. For the past decade, we have graduated more than one thousand students who excel at biomedicine. Many of them are now playing a leading role in the innovation, teaching and research of the biomedicine in China.

The 21st century is a century of biomedicine, also a century of Chinas rise and rapid development around the world. The Biotechnology and Bioengineering, pivotal to the economic development in the 21st century, will see its bright future with boundless opportunities for those committed to the biomedicine. In recent years, Chinas Ministry of Education calls upon colleges to focus on developing students practical skills, such as those related to the healthcare service. To echo the call, the Department of Life Sciences and Biotechnology of our college is now promoting the development of its three majors that focus on the practical abilities, in order to meet the urgent needs of the society for practical skills and thus contribute to the national healthcare development. 

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