Biomedical Engineering, the original part of the School of Life Science and Technology, enrolled students in 2004. With Sanquan Medical Colleges joining Application-oriented College League and the continuous development of Biomedical Engineering, School of Medical Engineering was set up in 2014, as one of the earliest colleges and the only medical college with this major in Henan Province. Along with our colleges transition to applied technical direction, and the requirement to develop medical devices and technology, our school is viewing biomedical engineering application as the construction concept, training applied technical talents as the goal, strengthening training as the basis, enterprise-and-school joint running as the means, to form an constantly improved and developed applied technical department whose specialty construction feature is mutual intersection and penetration of engineering and medical equipment, and integration of industry, academia and research. Besides, it also aims to enhance school running level and cultivate the talents with high-quality and high-level applied technology to serve for different areas and industries better. Closely revolving around imaging equipment industry, rehabilitation instrument industry and inspection equipment industry , the School trains the students to be engineers with good quality and technical skills those industries will need and make a contribution to the development of local medical apparatus. 

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