Foreign Language Department was established in September 2008. It now has four research sections: English Professional Research Section (Medical Technology English), Medical English Research Section, College English Research Section I and II. It currently enrolls English major(Medical Technology English) , an undergraduate, 4-year program, awarded the Bachelor of Arts degree. It always lays emphasis on the professional development and discipline construction and gives great priority to the improvement of teaching quality. Respectively, it assumes the teaching tasks of a four-year English major(Medical Technology English), Medical English, and College English of non-English majors.

Foreign Language Department boasts a young and energetic teaching staff with a strong sense of responsibility and rich teaching experience, some was honored as Henan Province Outstanding Teacher, or Outstanding Teacher of Association of Private Education in Henan Province. There are 31 full-time and part-time teachers, including one professor, 9 lecturers, 1 foreign teacher. Among which, 27 owns a master's degree, one teacher with overseas study or training experience, graduating from different famous universities, formed a teaching echelon with high-level educational background and reasonable title structure.

On the basis of a good teaching job, the faculty has been actively engaging in scientific research to upgrade its level and striving for the teaching quality by combining both. Since its establishment, the Department has already assumed more than 30 research projects of all levels, and published nearly 50 articles, of which 2 were core journals. 

For a long time, the Department has attached importance to the cultivation of students integrated humanities quality and professional practice. Besides, the second classroom activities, like the English Corner activity, English Speech Contest, English Drama Contest, English Calligraphy Writing Contest etc., were organized to greatly enhance students enthusiasm in learning and provide a platform for students to show themselves. In the previous FLTRP Cup National English Speaking Contest, students from our college have achieved excellent results.

The Department always adheres to the student-centered education principle, cultivating both professional quality and the overall quality to meet the needs of social development. Students are encouraged to actively participate in various sports and social activities while they master their majors. The department has presided several social activities, such as Thanksgiving Campus Events; and a charity programme named Your Spare ItemsMy Needy Ones.

Currently, to meet the need of new situation for talents, the Department actively improves the overall teaching methods, promotes curriculum design and strengthens its quality education to create an international language talents model of  English Plus Medicine”.


department website: Department of Foreign Languages