In August 2012, the predecessor body of the Teaching Department, the Department of Social Sciences has been renamed Ideological and Political Theory Teaching Department of Sanquan Medical College. It mainly undertakes the responsibility for the whole teaching task of ideological and political theory courses in Sanquan Medical College. There are 10 full-time teachers, including 9 lecturers. At present, the structure of teacher professional title, age bracket and degree is reasonable. Therefore, the teaching staff with a proper educational philosophy, a high degree and a strong professional ability begins to take shape.

There are two teaching and research offices and one reference room in Ideological and Political Theory Teaching Department. The Basic Principle of Marxism teaching and research office undertakes two courses: Basic principle of Marxism and Contemporary International Economy and Politics; The Essentials of Modern and Contemporary History of China office bears the other two courses: Essentials of Chinese Modern and Contemporary History and The Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics. 

Under the guidance of relevant departments in college, the department relies on the existing network curriculum resources of college to implement the open network educational subject, construct the four-in-one teaching model reform (theory teaching, Lectures on Special Topics, practice teaching and class discussion) and focus on building a new pattern of college students ideological and political education.

Plentiful and substantial achievements have been achieved. The four main courses have been offered the college excellent courses. The Basic principle of Marxism has been awarded the Excellence of National Multi-media Courseware.

Under the premise of completing the teaching task, our teachers carry out various research activities, chairing over 20 provincial departmental level projects and being awarded more than 10 first prizes. The research achievements are plentiful, publishing 4 monographs, 1 teaching material and over 80 academic papers. 

Meanwhile, the other work of Ideological and Political Theory Teaching Department has been unanimously recognized by the college leaders and the faculty, winning Target-completed Advanced Unit”、 “Advanced Local Labor Union”、 “Advanced Basic-Level Party Organization and other honorary titles. The department will continue to purse the spirit of enterprising and pioneering and contribute to the transformation of the college.

department website: Department of Ideology and Policy Education