Under the leadership of the Party Committee and Admin Dept., Department of Physical Education, which was established on August 17th, 2012, undertakes the teaching and scientific research work of Sanquan Medical Colleges public physical education courses, the organization and participation of sports tournaments, sports events training, sports cultural exchange, the construction of campus sports culture, as well as the cultivation of physical talents. It has three research sections of Martial Arts and Gymnastics, Big Balls and Small Balls. Department of Physical Education boasts 24 faculty members and twenty of them have masters degree, including 1 professor, 17 lecturers and 4 teaching assistants. Of them, there is 1 international level referee, 10 national first-level referees, 13 national second-level referees and 13 members of Chinese Communist Party.

Department of Physical Education focuses on our colleges reformation and development all the time, lists teaching reform as the key research project, sticks to the implementation of national guideline for education as the orientation, makes the teaching ideas clear, strengthens the teaching management and deepens the teaching reform. It also improves the teaching of the physical education consistently combining the needs of students development. To achieve considerable progress in physical education, Department of Physical Education brings the work style of unity, fighting, pragticism and efficiency, pioneer and innovation as well as pulling together in troubles into full play. Along with the care of the leaders, the teaching practice and training have achieved the following effects


Guided by the ideology people oriented health first, in the teaching of physical education, we pay attention to students predominant status and help students master the basic skills of physical exercises. Besides, we cultivate students awareness of lifelong sports, introduce a scientific life style to them and help them establish a concept of healthy life. Based on our colleges own characteristics, to raise the level of young teachers, we re-employ the experienced leaders and prominent teachers with high professional titles in Xinxiang Medical University after their retirement. Those experts provide scientific guidance to us and impart knowledge to the needs of work, which accelerates the optimization of our department.

To satisfy the needs of students personal physical development, classroom teaching is the main form of physical education. With the guidance of teachers, students can choose 1-2 physical courses and their teachers autonomously. We have set up a total of 12 specialized courses: Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Ping-pong, Tennis, Martial arts, Aerobics, Yoga, Street dance, Taint ball and Ultimate Frisbee. Young teachers apply the existing scientific teaching methods and training means into the teaching process with the advantage of vigorous youth. To arouse students learning interests and sense of participation in sports, Department of Physical Education has established an evaluation system that includes students emotional attitude, progress range, level of involvement instead of one-sided teaching that centers on scores. In this way, students can develop a good habit of taking regular exercises.

Mass Sports Activities

Guided by the teaching idea health first, Department of Physical Education attaches importance to the development of sports activities in the whole college. Under the leadership of the college, with the coordination of Youth League Committee, Students Affairs Division and students union, Department of Physical Education carries out sports activities actively, such as Collegiate Fitness Month, Collegiate Fitness Festival and so on. The Association of Undergraduate Physical activities and the Extracurricular Sports Club are set up to conduct colorful sports activities and competitions. Every year our college holds spring sports meeting, collegiate sports meeting which mainly consists of track and field events, ball games like basketball, football, ping-pong, volleyball, badminton and long distance running competition in winter.

Sports Training and Competition Achievements

Department of Physical Education perfects the education system continuously. In the meantime, the teachers value an efficient combination of teaching, training and researching. Our college creates a good environment to athletes and coaches for training via multiple ways. During recent years Sports Games of Henan Province (university and college group), our college always gets good results through hard training and tenacious struggle even without ranking athlete. In 2011 and 2013, the Martial Arts team got team championship title and womens team championship title in the ninth and tenth Huaguang Cup Martial Arts Tournament of Henan Provinces Undergraduates separately; in 2014, the womens team championship in the Martial Arts Tournament of the first Henan Provincial Sports Games; in 2016, two individual championships and Sports Ethic Award in the twelfth Huaguang Cup Martial Arts Tournament of Henan Provinces Undergraduates. In 2016, the aerobics team won the first prize and Spiritual Civilization Award of undergraduates group A in the CFDD and Henan Provincial Students Aerobics Tournament; in 2016, the second prize of the amateur group in the Aerobics competition of the fifteenth Henan Provincial Undergraduates Science and Arts Festival. In 2011 and 2012, we got the second place and the third place in the team competition, the first place and second place in the individual competition of Men and Womens group A in Henan Provincial Championships of Basketball and Football. In 2014 Henan Provinces Fifth Badminton Championship, our badminton team got the third place in womens team events of Group A; in 2015,the fourth place in womens team events, the third place in womens doubles, the fifth place in womens singles during Henan Provincial Sports Games and Badminton Championships. In 2012, our tennis team took part in the fourth Henan Provincial undergraduates Badminton Championships the first time and its final scores were ranked as the fourth in the teams events; in 2015, the first place in womens team events and womens doubles in the Group A of Huaguang Cup Tennis Championships of Henan Province; in 2016, the first place in womens team events and womens singles in the Group A of Huaguang Cup Tennis Championships of Henan Province.

Scientific Achievements

Another focal point is scientific researches on physical education. According to the regulations, Department of Physical Education convenes a seminar of scientific researches theses and invites a gymnast to give lectures on campus every year. And we encourage young teachers to apply for the related research projects actively. Since 2010, our teachers have published more than 70 theses on general journals, 3 on CSSCI, as well as 3 on Chinese core journals. Meanwhile, we have presided over 5 research projects supported by the Education Department of Henan Province, participated in 5 provincial and ministerial research projects. Besides, we have been involved in 3 research projects supported by the Science and Technology Department of Henan Province, presided over 2 utility model patents, and participated in 5.

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