We have 20 undergraduate majors and 7 junior college majors. The 20 undergraduate majors are clinical medicine, nursing, laboratory medical technology, medical imaging technology, optometry, rehabilitation  therapy, public utilities management (health services management orientation),public utilities management (health  management orientation), public utilities management (medical administrative management orientation), marketing, pharmacy, pharmaceutical preparations, biomedical engineering, biotechnology, bioengineering, bio-pharming, electronic science and technology, stomatology technology, prosthetics and orthopedic engineering and English (medical and technological orientation). The 7 majors of junior college level are nursing, midwifery, laboratory medical technology, stomatology technology, optometry technology, medical imaging technology and pharmacy.

We welcome oversea universities to coorperate with us on all these majors, among which, the following majors are more prefered.

Undergraduate Programs

Clinical Medicine


Laboratory medical technology

Medical imaging technology

Rehabilitation  Therapy


Prosthetics & Orthotics Engineering

Associate Programs