Test Run of Our Library

2017-06-15|By English|Copyedited 系统管理员

After the installation and trial run of the various types of equipment, the library of our institute has already have 150 thousand books on its shelves. Part of the library was ready to receive the readers and the morning of June 12th saw the test-run opening of our library.

In order to enable the readers to know more about the library, student volunteers had been trained for the test run. The student volunteers worked as guides and introduced the libraryto the readers.

There are currently 150 thousand books in our library, with different reading areas as natural science, humanities and social science, multimedia reading, periodical reading, teaching reference reading.There is also a science hall, an art hall, a multimedia auditorium, a multifunctional learning area, an electronic reading room, a room for group learning and a study hall. The library implements the open management mode and the readers can get access to each kind of study space with the campus card. The readers can borrow books, surf the Internet, watch the multimedia resources and do leisure reading and so on. They can also make reservations of reading seats and training rooms etc. by booking online or by the booking machine in the library.

During the opening period, graduates of our institute can finally enter the long-awaited library when they leave their alma mater. The graduates visited the function and layout of the new library, planning of furniture and equipment exhibition and the functional space.The student volunteers answered questions asked by the graduates from time to time during the visit.The graduates hold their thumbs up for the new library. The visitors wrote in the guest "at the most beautiful age, for the most real dream, let us grow together! "There were also graduates who wrote in the drifting room on the third floor "Best wishes to the alma mater and other wishes". After the visit, the graduates dressed in graduation uniforms and posed for pictures in front of the library lobby.

Some graduates this year express their love to the alma mater by donating their beloved books to the library in a book donation activity.On the title page of each donated book there were wishes and messages to the new reader. All the donators got a certificate from the library and all their donations will be collected and placed in a special area in the library.

The book donation activity will last for a week and the test run of the library will end by the end of this semester. During the test run, the library will be open from 8 in the morning to 9 in the evening.