Sanquan Medical College was founded in 2003. It focuses mainly on medical education together with the harmonious development of education on literature, science, engineering and management. By sticking to three guidelines for the college management—“meeting the social needs, practicing quality-oriented education and cultivating medical talents in an all-round way” and highlighting the school-running characteristics, “Sanquan” has become a new-type college with characteristics and advantages of its own.


There are schools (departments) and academies in the college. The schools (departments) are responsible for the teaching affairs while the academies are responsible for the student affairs. The 12 schools/departments are School of Basic Medicine, School of Nursing, School of Medical Laboratory and Imaging, School of Medical technology, School of Health Management, School of Clinical Medicine, School of Pharmacy, School of Life Science and Technology, School of Medical Engineering, Department of Foreign Languages, Department of Political Theory Education, Department of Sports Education. The 5 Academies are Renzhi Academy, Xihe Academy, Jingcheng Academy, Chongde Academy and Dexin Academy. Our college has full-time students taking undergraduate course and specialist course. There are currently more than 17800 students in total in the college. There are 20 undergraduate majors and 7 junior college majors. The 20 undergraduate majors are clinical medicine, nursing, laboratory medical technology, medical imaging technology, optometry, rehabilitation  therapy, public utilities management (health services management orientation),public utilities management (health  management orientation), public utilities management (medical administrative management orientation), marketing, pharmacy, pharmaceutical preparations, biomedical engineering, biotechnology, bioengineering, bio-pharming, electronic science and technology, stomatology technology, prosthetics and orthopedic engineering and English (medical and technological orientation). The 7 majors of junior college level are nursing, midwifery, laboratory medical technology, stomatology technology, optometry technology, medical imaging technology and pharmacy. Among them, the three undergraduate majors, that is, nursing, clinical medicine and optometry have been approved brand majors of Henan private institutes. And the following 4 undergraduate majors, that is, clinical medicine, nursing, rehabilitation therapy and optometry have been approved experimental majors in the comprehensive education reform of Henan Province.


The college has advanced teaching and experimental equipment in a total worth of 1.5 billion yuan. There are 145 laboratories (training center) and 12 whole-process teaching base. And there are also 118 practice teaching bases in and outside the province, which build an excellent platform for the practice training of the students. There are first-rate experimental teaching centers at provincial level on biology and basic medicine, health care, optometry, clinical skills, stomatology, stem cells, medical engineering, and digital interactive medical morphology. Among them, the biology and basic medicine experimental teaching center has been approved demonstrative experimental teaching center of Henan province. Our college was the first one in China to cooperate with Laerdal company to build a large international nursing training center, which was the largest in Henan province with an area of 5000 square meters. And we have also cooperated with Neusoft Medical Systems Co., Ltd to build the Local Service Center of Neusoft Medical Imaging Cloud.

The college has two campuses at present. One of the campuses locates in Xinxiang city and the other in Pingyuan New Area of Xinxiang city. Xinxiang campus covers an area of 128 mu and it is one of the garden-style units of Xinxiang city. Pingyuan campus covers an area of 1400 mu and there is a stadium, a training hall, an academic exchange center, a digital library, an auditorium, a training center for students who want to start a business and a students’ activity center. All the buildings are with elegant style and there are well-equipped dormitories and full-covered internet services.


Our college is currently the vice-president unit of China Medical Independent College Cooperative Association and the secretary-general unit of Henan Independent College Cooperative Association. It is also the vice-executive-director unit of Henan Private Education Research Association and director unit of National Private Education Association. Our college is the managing-director unit of Steering Committee on Higher Education.