The College Obtained Qualification to Recruit International Students

2017-08-25|By English|Copyedited English

On August 10, Provincial Education Department approved the application of Sanquan Medical College to recruit international students. 

The other day, our college submitted the application of recruiting international students to the Provincial Education Department, on July 14, Xu Hengzhen, the director of Henan Province Education and Chinese Language International Promotion Office visited our college with his team to do on-site audit.

First, the expert team visited our Experimental Teaching Center of Biology and Basic Medicine, the International Nursing Training Center, the library, the teaching building, the gym, the Muslim Canteen and international students sample dormitory respectively in the company of the leaders of the college and related departments.

Then, the college leader Wang Zhikai, Wang Jinwen, Wang Yanjie, Ma Bo, Qiu Yongjian and the leader of the related departments carried on a special report on the education and teaching situation of the college and international students recruiting preparation progress. Wang Zhikai introduced the history, basic condition and international exchange and cooperation of Sanquan Medical College to the expert team, and Wang Yanjie did a report on the progress of the international students recruiting work, which focus on the faculty, the software and hardware condition of teaching, the international students teaching, management, logistic support.

After the report, all the member of the expert team agreed that Sanquan Medical College had been equipped with strong faculty, good school-running condition with distinctive character and the recruiting and cultivation mechanism for international students is sound, which proves that the college has meet the requirement to recruit the international students. Provincial Public Security Department Shang Xuefeng, Provincial Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Cheng Hangle, and Provincial Education Department Zou Tao gave some precious opinions and suggestions on the exit and entry procedures, residence, related regulation and the important and difficult point for international students cultivation and management.

In the end, the team leader Xu Hengzhen, on behalf of the expert team, summarized all the comments and suggestions, and highly praised our college achievements and the effort to prepare for the international students recruiting.

Carrying out International students education is the strategic needs of the 13th Five-Year Plan of our college, the important factor to prompt the colleges reform, the engine to improve the faculty resources and  the course of internationalization and the effective way to improve the scale, the education level, the strength and reputation of the college in China and abroad. The college will follow the related regulations to recruit, cultivate and manage the international students, and contribute to the international students work of Henan Province.