Our School Held the Opening Ceremony for the First Batch of International Students

2019-04-03|By English|Copyedited English

In the morning of March 29, the opening ceremony of Grade 2018 international students was held in the academic lecture hall situated on the third floor of administrative building at the Plain Campus. Yang Jie, president of our university, Wang Yanjie, vice president of our university, and Du Huazhen, provost of academic affairs, attended the ceremony, others included by more than 2018 representatives of foreign language departments, foreign affairs departments, international student teachers, counselors, all international students of Grade 2018 and Chinese students. The ceremony was presided over by Shi Shifeng, director of the dean's office.

The ceremony was kicked off with the wonderful school image promotional film Welcome to the World. First of all, Yang Jie delivered a speech. He welcomed the new students who had traveled thousand of miles for study with dream, and fully affirmed. He appreciated the performance of the international students of Grade 2018 since they entered  the school. After introducing the general situation of the school, the author look forward for four expectations from the international students:

First, abide by the law and be qualified international students. Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards. students should do as the Romans do and abide by the  Chinese laws and regulations, which is the first prerequisite for everyone to successfully complete their studies in China. At the same time, students should also consciously abide by the rules and regulations of the school and be a qualified international students.

The second is to study hard and be an advanced international students. Students should gain full use of the educational resources from the school, study hard and make progress diligently, not only to learn Chinese well also need to understand the Chinese culture, but along with that need to obtain master excellent professional knowledge and skills, so as to improve their comprehensive quality and professional ability in an all-round way.

The third is to help each other and be happy with each other. As an international student you just came to China, you need to adapt with cultural exchanges, eating habits, professional study and other aspects of life here. Students should respect each others cultural traditions and religious beliefs, help each other, face the pressure and difficulties of study and lead life with a positive attitude, quickly get through the period of cultural shock, and enjoy the life of studying abroad comfortably.

The fourth is to study Chinese culture, spread our own culture, and be an emissary of cultural exchanges. China is not only an ancient civilization, but also a modern country with rapid development, openness and inclusiveness. I hope that students will feel the charm of Chinese culture and tell Chinese stories well in their study and life. At the same time, we also hope that you will be an excellent cultural communication ambassadors in your own countries and contribute your youth to the internationalized and diversified campus cultural life of the school.

Subsequently, Wang Yang, the teacher's representative, reviewed the efforts made by the school to welcome the first batch of international students. She introduced the profound moral of Sanquan to the student, encouraged them to set up the concept of lifelong learning, and reminded them to cherish their study time. Do not forget the original ideals and aspirations, learn to achieve.

Next, Abdul Rehman, a representative of international students from level 2018, spoke. He expressed his love for the school and his expectations for the future, also gave his heartfelt thanks to all the teachers who worked hard to cultivate international students and to all the Chinese students who were eager to help international students by sharing their learning experiences with them.

Finally, Yang Jie awarded the school emblem to the representatives of the students from the five countries. This small school emblem not only gives international students a sense of belonging and glory, but also expresses the school's ardent expectation for the happy growth and progress of international students.

After the ceremony, the leaders and teachers took a group photo with all the international students of Grade 2018.

It is reported that in 2018, our school enrolled a total number of 66 international students from Ghana, Indonesia, India, Pakistan and Tanzania. Since the first batch of international students entered the school, they have been actively participating in the sports and sports related activities of the school, working hard to learn cultural knowledge, abided by the law, warm and friendly, and won the general recognition of everyone. The arrival of the first batch of international students, as well as the orderly development of education and teaching, indicates that our school has really opened a new chapter for international education, which is another milestone in the process of internationalization of our school.