Approved for School-running Cooperation with Chatham University in the United States

2019-05-10|By English|Copyedited English

  Recently, the Department of Education of Henan Province officially issued a document (No. 306 of 2019) approving the cooperation between our school and Chat ham University of the United States to organize a nursing specialty education project. This project is the first approved Sino-foreign cooperative educational project in our school. The successful approval of the project has been realized the zero breakthrough of our school in the Sino-foreign cooperation in running school. The program is incorporated by the national general higher education enrollment plan, which is begin from May 2019, with an annual enrollment of 100 people and a academic structure of three years. After the students have completed their studies according to the requirements, they will obtain the junior college diploma from our school. As this is first Sino-foreign cooperative school project in our school, the school attaches great importance to this work, and has attached great importance to this work many times.