Lincoln University College’s President and Colleagues Came from Malaysia to Visit Our School for Friendly Exchanges

2019-09-18|By English|Copyedited English

On September 16, Datuk Bibi Florina, President of Lincoln University College, Malaysiaand Lina Tio, Director of International Affairs, came to our school for exchange. President Hu Shikun of our college and Academic Dean Du Huazhen, met with the visiting guests. The person in charge of the Dean's Office, School of Oral Technology and the Department of Foreign Affairs accompanied the talk and exchange program.

At the opening of the meeting, President Hu Shikun extended his welcome to Bibi Florina and her party. He briefly introduced the concept and achievements of the school from the aspects of talent training, scientific research innovation, integration of vocational education with industry and international cooperation. He said that Lincoln University College has outstanding characteristics and a good social reputation. He

also said that the two sides should take this opportunity to actively explore areas and models of cooperation, strengthen their personnel and academic exchange, promote the complementary sharing of high-quality resources between the two sides, and strive to carry out practical cooperation in personnel training, which will lay a solid foundation for the realization of a win-win cooperation between the two colleges.

Bibi Florina said that , through the school's English promotional video and the introduction of the president, she was deeply attracted to the vitality of Sanquan Medical College. Elegant campus environment, excellent equipment, high-level teachers, advanced concept of running a college, left a deep impression on her. Lincoln University College is pleased to be a partner during the internationalization with Sanquan. Meanwhile, Bibi Florina also introduced the school running concept, specialty setting, talents training and international cooperation of Lincoln University College. She said that the two sides have similar school-running ideas and common development demands, and she is looking forward to a bright future standing on a new starting point of cooperation development. Subsequently, the two sides specifically discussed the relevant professional cooperation, exchange of visits between teachers and students ,academic exchanges etc.

After the seminar , on behalf of their respective colleges,Hu Shikun and Bibi Florina signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on cooperation and gave gifts with each other and took photos. Subsequently, Bibi Florina and her party accompanied by Academic Dean Du Huazhen to visit library, the Nodo (International) Nursing training Center and School of Oral Technology.

About LUC:

Lincoln University College was founded in 2002, which was approved by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency and the National Bureau of Academic Accreditation . This college sets the junior college courses as well as undergraduate , postgraduate , and doctoral degrees. Lincoln University College offers a wide range of quality programs namely medicine, pharmacy , dentistry etc.

The professional education of medicine, nursing and dentistry ranks among the top three private universities in Malaysia. The college has signed academic cooperation agreements with more than 40 world-renowned universities, such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and so on. Lincoln University College has got “The Certificate of 5 Star Setara -2017”, is awarded by Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia. One of the Colleges and Universities in Malaysia announced by the Education Regulation Concerning Foreign Affairs Information Network.